New Orleans House Shoring Companies

New Orleans House Shoring Companies


new orleans house raisingThere are many specialized and unique services that house shoring companies in New Orleans offer that may not be offered by your standard building contractor.  The word ‘shore’ in reference to a shoring company means to support or brace as in supporting a structure or a foundation of a house.  You may find shoring companies more prevalent in locations like New Orleans and south Louisiana that are near the water due to the prevalence of water damage due to flooding or storms.  The demand for their services may be higher in coastal locations.  The following is a list of services that a shoring company may offer.

Raising a Pier House 

In some areas pier houses are much more prevalent.  New Orleans, especially in older sections, is one of these areas.  You can think of a pier house as being slightly elevated and built on concrete piers.  This would be similar to if you are installing a new deck attached to your house.  You will have to dig down and use columnar forms or sonnet tubes into which you pour cement.  The hardened cement becomes the footings or piers upon which you place the posts of your deck.  So you can think of a pier house as a house placed onto piers or concrete footings that are extended above the ground surface.  A good New Orleans shoring company can raise a pier house high enough so that a brand new foundation can be poured.

Raising a Slab House

A slab house is a house that has no elevated foundation and is sitting on a concrete slab.  Raising a concrete slab house is another service that is offered by a New Orleans shoring company.  The existing slab may have shifted or could’ve developed cracks which make it necessary for raising the house.  There is a process called slab separation which, during the raising of the house, the slab is separated from the house.  After the raising of the house above the slab, a new foundation will be built on the slab below.  Another process is called slab elevation where the house including the slab is raised and a new foundation is built below.

Leveling a Pier House

If you have a storage shed you know that after a while it can become out of level.  So to resolve the issue you jack up the side of the shed that is low and add either wood or concrete blocks below to level out the shed.  Taken on a grander scale, another offering of a shoring company is to level a pier house by raising the house and either adding concrete blocks or installing new pilings. 

Leveling a Slab House

In the case of a slab house the slab may come out of level due to the pilings underneath the slab sinking if they were not installed deep enough originally.  As a result of the sinking of the pilings the house above could tilt in the direction of the piling failure.  A shoring company offers a service of excavating the area underneath the house where the pilings have sunk.  The tops of the pilings are cut and removed and concrete blocks are added one on top of the other until the piling is stabilized. 

Sill and Joist Replacement

Due to rot, mold, or possibly termites, sills and joists of your house could become damaged.  A service offered by a shoring company is to stabilize your home by replacing and repairing sills or joists that have become compromised.  This may or may not include raising the home to allow access to the sills and joists.

Add a Drive-Under Garage

If you don’t have the real estate to add additional parking for your vehicles, one option is to raise your house high enough to add a drive-under garage.   This is another service that is offered by a shoring company.  The house is raised, new piers are put in place, and steel beams are placed on top of and perpendicular to the piers upon which the house is placed.  The new-found drive-under garage is a welcome addition for the homeowner.

New Orleans house shoring companies offer a variety of specialized services for the homeowner in need of those services.  What you may have thought was a job too large to undertake may be just another day at the office for the experienced shoring company in your area.

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  1. Oscar Santos
    April 17, 2011 | 1:13 pm

    I am looking for sub work in all phases of foundation and elevation work.We are fully insured and we also have the required equipment to perform.We have experienced tuneling and piling crews as well as lifting crews.We can provide your company with a very efficient means of labor.Let us do the dirty work,quickly and proffessionally.PLEASE CALL ME @ 504-600-5497,THANK YOU.

  2. marilyn theard
    May 2, 2011 | 2:15 pm

    i need a company that has been in business pre katrina i have a slab home and i want it raised 8 feet and as per hmgp i will pay only what the program will pay and cost pre katrina price and i need this stated in the contract

  3. adrian rojas
    December 19, 2011 | 2:07 am

    looking for job 6months exp. raising houses

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